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Dayton Inspires: Cleanup

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I wake up on a daily basis with new ideas popping into my head all the time. Usually most of these ideas come to mind when I am in the shower halfway through either Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” or Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song.” Don’t judge.

But outside those ten minutes in the morning, there are a plethora of items that inspire me on a daily basis. Some items that inspire me the most: walking through the Oregon District, doing a pub crawl at the local breweries, checking out the new ballet for the year (Dracula: Bloodlines starting October 20, I know shameless plug, but I love me some Ballet), and most importantly Dayton Inspires.

The grassroots campaign that was a product of the UpDayton Summit has taken on the task of getting Daytonians inspired about the city, what it has to offer, and the people within. Not only giving inspiration to beautiful creations, but also inspiring many to work on the preservation of our city. This has been shown through the Dayton Inspires Cleanups spearheaded by Zack Sliver and the Dayton Inspires Committee.mediarelease-eventpic

It is easy to say you support anything these days. With a simple like, share, or a tweet, you can join thousands in an intangible revolution for a common cause. But why not go further? That is what the Dayton Inspires Cleanup helps you to do.

Hundreds of Daytonians come together to tackle areas that are aesthetically distressed and can use some more attention. Overgrowth, litter, and general disarray are the main factors that the Dayton Inspires Cleanups focus on.

“Dayton’s a beautiful place, but there are areas where people lose hope with and let things fall by the wayside,” Sliver says. “With this cleanup, it removes litter, illegal dump sites, and shows the people in the neighborhood that we as Daytonians care about everyone. Not just those downtown.”

With football season starting back up, pumpkin spice filling our hearts and tummys, and summer coming to a fast close, take a few hours out of your day to get out and get inspired with the Dayton Cleanup.

Details on the event are listed below, but be sure to check out the Facebook Page for all the up to date details.  Also, for more information about Dayton Inspires, check out their website.


What:  Dayton Inspires Cleanup

Where:  3rd St. Baptist Church – 2720 East 3rd St, Dayton, OH 45403

When:  October 1, 2016. Registration starts at 9 a.m.; event ends at 3 p.m.


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