You’ve got to check out “Ravaged Sublime” at DAI

6:00 am Oct. 26, 2016

With iPhones and editing apps, anyone can point, click, and shoot a photo within a moments notice. But what makes a photo declare its true essence? For me it is when I put #Blessed under it. Then you know it’s serious.

Capturing a moment that can give you all the feels is extremely hard, and is a hidden talent that not a lot of people posses. Dayton Art

Cory D. D. Miller: Who the Heck is TED?

10:25 am Oct. 18, 2016

Some of you may already know this, but TED and I are pretty good friends. We actually ended up getting a beer over at Fifth Street Brewpub on Friday after his conference. We joked, talked

Cory D. D. Miller: Three decades of Dayton

6:00 am Oct. 5, 2016

On Friday, October 7, 2016, I will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of my mom screaming as loud as humanly possible at 10:45am. “The Big Three Oh,” “The Dirty Thirty,” the “no longer a twenty-something-know-it-all”