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Cedar Point’s new record-breaking roller coaster rolling out SOON
Needing an insider's opinion on some of Dayton's best local and unknown spots? Looking to get involved with something, but just don't know how or what? Don't know as much as you thought about the city that you call home? To that I say, "Welcome, my friend, toward your first steps in becoming Socially Savvy in Dayton."

7 unwritten rules of board meetings

6:00 am Jul. 26, 2017

The Dayton community is rich with numerous organizations, boards, and committees that you can get involved with. I know the idea of joining a board may be a bit intimidating at first, but like any

An open letter to the city of Dayton

6:00 am Jul. 13, 2017

Hey Dayton,

It’s me, Cory. What’s up? It has been a minute since we last talked. I hope everything is going well. It is kind of funny, I keep seeing things pop up about you in